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Booking a cab is a very easy and convenient process on wegocity. To book a ride you need to manually type your location or wegocity will identify the location automatically if your location and GPS is turned on. Always make sure your location is identified correctly in case of auto identification.

Now select the vehicle type you would like to request for your ride. Wegocity will provide you variety of vehicle options to choose from. After vehicle is finalized now select the pickup location and identify your destination. You can select the address or search for a location online. After destination selection now you can select the fare estimation to get information about how much this trip is going to cost you. Now you can choose to book for a ride.

Once the booking selection is made by user, a ride will be called to pick up at your location. The time shown in the pin shows the expected amount of time until the ride arrives at your location. Now once your request is matched with a driver you will be able see the driver’s picture, name, license plate number and expected time of arrival. The car icon will move along with the driver, allowing you to see the actual location of your ride and when the car is outside.